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For business taking their venture online via website it is a big challenge to earn business and new client. The main reason is business owner is from another sector and they do not have sufficient knowledge companies just hire a web design service but most of them fails make a good use of website. To get return on investment a website must have to be visible on various search engines. is a perfect solution for such business looking to take their venture online and getting good conversions. Our extremely talented team is best in their profession and with years of experience made them much confident. SEO California is professional optimizers can work on any website irrespective of any niche; our expertise of all niche will surely help you grow your business online.

One has to be patient while working on the website while performing an SEO. Because current SEO techniques are needed to used very smartly otherwise there can be a good loss to a website. At SEO California we are totally aware of the situations and totally have an idea about how much progression is required to be applied on a website. There many updates have been launched by Google such as panda and penguin; many websites have been penalized and banned in that period. As per our record there is no such site has been fined by any search engine because we believe in slow walk think fast theory.

SEO California Package

Though everybody does not know about the technology but they are quiet aware of what to sell and how to market their product. For them we ask specific product information and then we offer them package which is one of the regular, professional, standard or premium. Once we get the project we perform keyword research and then suggest our clients which packages is best for them.

Our technical expertise

SEO requires detailed knowledge of the field and one has to know what he is doing for a website. It is mainly divided into 3 categories and they are On Page, Off Page and Social Media Marketing.

On page optimization is the process of making website user and search friendly. It has to be done according to principles of web design and SEO. Proper on page SEO helps website to settle a website in search engine filters.

Off page optimization is the ongoing process that has to be done to bring some quality back links to the website. To perform this activity one has to be so experienced so that it can help a website to bring a website in high search rankings.

Social Media Marketing – It is commonly referred as SMM which helps to make website visible on various social platforms and it helps for a website to reach many visitors.

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